Nancy Schwab

Operational Manager

Hello, my name is Nancy and I’m thrilled to be part of the ThisWorks team. My journey began in 2021 as a recruitment consultant, and over the past three years, I’ve had the privilege of growing within the company to become the Country Manager for Germany, with future aspirations to extend my role to Spain.



Reflecting on my career trajectory fills me with immense pride, especially considering the milestones I’ve achieved along the way.

One project that stands out to me is a collaboration that exemplified our company’s mission and values. Operating internationally, ThisWorks thrives on dynamic partnerships across diverse regions. My background, enriched by experiences in various countries, contributes significantly to our organization. My proficiency in multiple languages and understanding of different labor laws add value to ThisWorks, enhancing our ability to navigate complex international landscapes.

In terms of individual contributions, my unique skills have positively impacted team projects. For instance, my background of having worked in different countries, where my languages and knowledge of the respective labour laws are an added value for the ThisWorks team.

The culture at ThisWorks is something I deeply value. We prioritize flexibility and support each other’s professional development, fostering a multinational and dynamic work environment.

Collaboration is at the heart of our daily work processes. Each day begins with reviewing my schedule, followed by reading emails to prioritize tasks and coordinate with colleagues. As a small team, we rely on each other for support, regularly checking in to ensure everyone’s workload is manageable.
Looking ahead, I’m excited about the evolving trends in our industry, especially the positive impact we’re making by hiring talent from around the globe. At ThisWorks, we’re not just shaping the future of work; we’re redefining it, one collaboration at a time.

Outside of work, I have a diverse range of interests. I’m fascinated by human behavior from different cultures, enjoy trying new foods, and love learning languages. Traveling is a passion of mine, whether it’s with my family, friends, or solo adventures. Speaking of family, I’m a proud mother to my daughter Luna, who brings immense joy to my life. We enjoy dancing together, singing songs in Spanish, and she often helps me with cooking and yoga.

In my free time, I find solace in activities like yoga, pilates, and running. I’m passionate about cooking and experimenting with recipes from around the world. When life gets a bit overwhelming, I seek refuge in nature. Taking walks allows me to reflect, appreciate the present moment, and embrace the changes life brings.