Junior HR Consultant

Hello, I’m Vladislava Pavlenko, a Junior HR Consultant in ThisWorks EOR Services team. Prior to joining this company, I completed my Master’s degree in Marketing Management at Tilburg University in 2023.

As an expat, I comprehend the complexities of dealing with the legislation and documentation of a foreign country. I take pleasure in assisting our employees and clients in overcoming employment and onboarding obstacles.



In addition to my professional role, my personal interests include delving into adventure books, enjoying moments with friends, and exploring the vibrant cities of the Netherlands.

Challenges in my role often revolve around managing expectations of both clients and employees while ensuring compliance. Given that our company operates under legislation different from traditional labor law in Germany, employees may find certain documents and procedures unfamiliar. To address this, we prioritize proactive communication, ensuring our partners and clients are well-informed about the scope of our business, fostering transparency.

ThisWorks is adept at adapting to the ever-evolving challenges in our industry. A prominent challenge for any HR company is the constant changes in labor law legislation. To maintain our status as a reliable Employer of Record, our team diligently tracks updates from authorities. Though this can be demanding, especially during busy seasons, delivering services that align with local laws is our utmost priority. We uphold internal standards for news tracking and weekly updates, ensuring our team remains informed and our services stay compliant.

At ThisWorks, we navigate challenges with a dual commitment to personalized support and staying ahead in an ever-changing industry. I’m proud to be part of a team that prioritizes both the personal and professional aspects of our roles, making the EOR experience smooth and compliant for everyone involved.