Junior Business Consultant

Hi, my name is Juul and I am currently working as a Junior Business Consultant at ThisWorks. I’ve recently joined the team and will be delving into the realms of marketing and sales while also lending a hand to my HR colleagues whenever needed.

My journey before ThisWorks led me through Cultural Studies at Tilburg University, a path that ignited my fascination with diverse cultures and interactions.

I’ve always been drawn to engaging with individuals from various backgrounds, and now, I’m excited to bring that passion to the dynamic environment here at ThisWorks.

Furthermore, I’m customer-oriented, reliable, and eager to expand my knowledge within the field of Employer of Record Services. I am really looking forward to broaden my knowledge in the field of EOR Services and to develop myself on a personal and professional level.



What draws me to ThisWorks is its inclusive and supportive culture, which actively encourages personal and professional growth. It’s a place where everyone is treated equally and with respect, creating a safe environment for individual growth. The company embraces a lighthearted atmosphere, appreciating the value of humor in our interactions

The culture at ThisWorks contributes to a work environment that is both supportive and productive. There’s a genuine focus on individual preferences, whether it’s in terms of personal development or choosing a preferred working style, be it at the office or remotely. This flexibility ensures that each team member can thrive in an environment tailored to their most productive and comfortable work methods.

For example, ThisWorks actively engages with employees on a personal level to understand their aspirations and preferred working conditions. This approach not only promotes a culture of adaptability but also underscores the company’s commitment to creating an environment where each team member can perform at their best.