Janneke Vossen


Hi, I’m Janneke, and I play an important role in the Finance department here at ThisWorks.
In a nutshell, my responsibilities include managing all employees and ensuring timely invoicing to our clients.

As for my background, I have a MBO degree in Business Administration and a HBO degree in Human Resource Management. Currently, I’m in the process of earning a Practical Diploma in Payroll Accounting. This job marks the beginning of my full-time career, so I’m excited to gain hands-on experience.

I bring a set of valuable skills to the team. I’m passionate about incorporating structure into our workflow by creating procedures and implementing them within the team.
I believe this approach helps us work more efficiently and cohesively.



What I love most about my job is the constant variety it offers. Every day presents new challenges and situations, providing me with opportunities for personal and professional growth.
When it comes to my contributions to the ThisWorks team, I focus on creating an organized and efficient work environment. I believe my unique skill set and commitment to structured workflows positively impact our collective success.

As for my specific interests within my role, I’m particularly fascinated by the HR and payroll aspects of my work. The continuous chance to develop ourselves and refine our skills is something I genuinely appreciate. It adds a dynamic layer to my professional journey here at ThisWorks. With a sense of purpose and enthusiasm, I navigate my responsibilities each day, embracing the  opportunity to contribute, learn, and make a difference within the Finance department at ThisWorks.