Gino Peters

Commercial Director

Hello, I’m Gino, and I’ve been immersed in the world of international payroll for about a decade now. My passion lies in staying up-to-date with every nuance of labor legislation, ensuring that I can provide valuable insights to our clients and partners. You’ll find me at our headquarters office in Nijmegen, always ready to assist you in navigating the complexities of global expansion. I thrive on sharing my knowledge and offering personalized consultations to make your international payroll processes smooth and efficient.


More about Gino Peters…

I would like to tell you more about ThisWorks vision and mission:

At ThisWorks, our mission is clear: we’re here to support companies with international aspirations. Whether it’s establishing a foreign entity or hiring talent abroad, we’ve got it covered.

Our vision is to maintain a human-centric approach in the dynamic landscape of international HR. In a world dominated by AI and automation in global expansion, we believe in prioritizing the human element and ensuring compliance.

I play a crucial role in aligning with ThisWorks’ mission and vision. Internally, we emphasize putting people first. We not only equip our consultants with knowledge but also seek individuals with a genuine passion for prioritizing people.

Understanding the intricacies of labor law and being curious about our clients’ and employees’ needs are fundamental aspects of our approach. In my role, I focus on instilling this people-centric attitude through training our internal team.

Beyond the office walls, my goal is to engage clients with the same mentality. Authenticity and prioritizing people create enduring relationships, making us a company committed to long-term success. It’s about more than just business; it’s about fostering genuine connections.

So, what sets ThisWorks apart in the industry? It’s everything mentioned above. We make ‘putting people first’ tangible from the very first interaction. Whether it’s helping with relocation, settling into a new country, or serving as a reliable external HR resource, we ensure that our external employees feel the warmth needed to deliver their best performance.